Headlight Not Working, Suspect Generator/Magneto

I have just put the bike back together and it starts and rides okay but I can't seem to get the headlight to work, I have checked all of the wiring and also the bulb both of which are fine. I have hooked the trail tech direct to the yellow (generator) but do life seems to go to that, I am kinda suspecting the generator but was wondering is there any way to check it and would the bike even start if it was broken?

, also is there any other reasons you could maybe think of

The headlight runs off the lighting coil whereas the ignition runs off the ignition coil. The taillight also runs off the DC system which is why the taillight comes on when you switch on but the headlight does not come on until the bike is running (07 & 08 models).

With the bike running check for about 12vac at the headlight plug and then work your way back till you find the problem.

sorry forgot to mention its a 2002 Wr400 (no battery) I will get it checked for live at different points but what do you recommend using, I have a multimeter but no idea how to use it lol

The best solution is if you have an electrcian as a buddy and you supply the beer and let him solve the problem.

Barring that use the multimeter making sure the meter is selected for AC volts and the leads are connected for measuring volts

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