What's the procedure for measuring the Decibels (how far should you hold the meter from the exhaust for instance), and does anyone know what the limit is for UK enduro's?


I dont know how they do it in the UK

But the states or at least in Communist controlled California :)

It is a 16 in or 20 in string DB Meter at end of string held from the open end of the pipe at a 45 degree away from the bike.

dependig on model and make its 4500 rpm

you mean the PDRC. Peoples Democratic Republic of California.


I thought you guys had miles of open desert, and a freedom to roam and ride!

In the UK chairman double standard Blair is trying to shut down all of our rights of way, unless we prove that they are roads. And the bobble hat brigade (ramblers), are also against us. I am starting to feel like a minority group. I want to claim political asylum in the US. Anyone got a house and an income they can give me?


We might if one of the Enron executives rides a dirt bike.

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