BILL -about that jetting?

hey, checked your sig. bout that jetting like you said. says it works at 500-2,000'. i think i'm at about 1,200', so i think it will work, but will it work for a 98 wr400, or is it specific between years (you have a 99, correct?)?

and what exactly does "de-octopussed" do for the bike?


racer36 :)

De-oct will reduce the chance of an air leak. I don't beleive there are any direct performance gains by doing the mod. It cleans up the looks of the bike and again, reduces the chance of an air leak. If you haven't read the thread "jettingqs" you might want to, it's very long but, will give a better understanding of jetting these beasts.


that's fine. i'll read the jetting thread. i just want to know if you know if your suggested jetting will work on a 98? (yes/no/i don't know?)

just a place to start. i'll check out the jetting thread and see what i can get from that.

oh, and my elevation is 1,010' above sea level.


racer36 :)

it will work on all years and all models. the vagaries of each bike are bigger than the differences in the models.


thanks bill, taffy.

as soon as the weather warms up a little i hope to tear into engine and make it more yzf than wrf. i now realzie i prob. should have held out for yzf, but also realize that it would be easier to mod my bike to my needs rather than sell and try to start over with a purebred mxer (yzf). i;d have a heck of a time finding one more reliable (have finally worked all bugs out of ol blue i think) :D

next mod after timing/ jetting will prob. be suspension. my bro's yzf was done (previous owner) by PR2, and it is magic. just gotta come up wit the big $$$ to have it done. :D

racer36 :)

Cool beans, I have to agree, it's been way cold this year and the snow has been a real pain. My contract is for plowing is 2+ inches and I've had to shovel the lot to many times this year (<2"). I'm not familiar with PR2 but, MX-Tech is in your backyard. John Curea (owner) is the ThumperTalk suspension guru and worked magic on my suspenders. As a matter of fact, my stuff is going back to him, in the next couple of weeks, to get a tune up, for this season.

Good luck, keeps us informed and hope to see ya in the spring.


If you race dist 5 mx checkout

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