I looked into replacing the Speedo/Odo on my 650L and laughed my ass off when I found out the price. I have been eyeing the computer made by Trailtech. Here' the URL for the one I'm talking about.


Anybody got one of these? If so, give me a bit of info as to wheter it's all that it's advertised to be. Thank you for your time

It's a good product, easy to install and does the job nicely. We have a few of them in our family and I've installed a few for neighborhood kids. We had a few initial problems (bad cabble, missing magnets & epoxy), but Trail Tech took care of it without any hassles and their customer support has been first rate in my opinion. Their product has significantly improved since I learned about it over a year ago.

There's also been people who have installed simple inexpensive bicycle computers like the CatEye Enduro II on their bikes and were happy with them. I liked the looks, functionality, flexability and durability of the Trail Tech and I'm happy with it.

Recently installed on both the XR650 and XR400. Works great. Easy to use. And a big thumbs up to TrailTech for their customer service!

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