GPS and fuel injection

According to some industry insiders Suzuki is using gps to alter the ignition timing and fuel delivery for different sections of the track. Apparently some of the riders didn't like it, although they really liked the effect for the whoops section. I guess it shouldn't suprise us too much and I'm sure that honda and kawasaki are testing something similar. Pretty soon our bikes will have electronic controlled suspension valving.:bonk:

Pretty soon our bikes will have electronic controlled suspension valving.:bonk:
Some 20 years ago, in Formula One, Honda fielded a couple of their factory cars with fully electronic suspension; no oil damping, no springs. It was also fully active. That is the car was capable of sensing and adapting to changes in surface of every kind. Did it work? Uh, yes, in fact it was astounding.

If you are familiar with the course at Monte Carlo, there is a section that runs right along the edge of the harbor, and is famous for the "chicane", a spot where the harborside roadway moves to the left about 50 feet or more. This is an urban street corner, mind you, with sidewalks.

The Hondas were able to run this section 20mph faster than anyone by driving over the corners of the sidewalks, curbs and all, at well over 80-90 mph. It was bizarre to watch, and it was very much as if the car were "stepping over" the curbs. F1, normally encouraging cutting edge technology, banned it as an unfair advantage, and hasn't allowed it back since that I know of.

Incredible stuff, though.

ITs funny about all this fuel injection, well this year at the US Open alot of bikes the were supposed to have fuel injection, didn't! Heard lots of classic 4-stroke popping.

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