DRZ 250 Intermittent spark

I decided to put the bikes away today well, after a pressure wash do you think the SOB would start..... NO! i figured some water got into the carb so i drained it and still no go well i decided to check the spark and there was none, i flipped through my service manual and tested all the ignition components, well....

Coil = Fine

CDI = Fine

Signal Coil Resistance = OK

Pickup Coil Resistance = Double what it should be? and having a SOB of a time getting a connection while probing the connector(small 4 wire plug on CDI).... so i depinned it and cleaned it, and after some F'ing around managed to get her to start,

The other aspect to this is the bike does not like to get wet it will sputter and die out, and take a really long time to get started again I think these problems go hand and hand but ?????? Anyone have similar issues

Also how bad of a job is it to change these bits out?

Sounds like you are mechanically adept, so it should not be all that bad. I have never personally had the problems you are referring to. I suck at electrical but will ask a friend why the pcr would be double. Good luck!


I am not an electrical engineer either, but it sounds as if you have a bad connection, loose connection, or an exposed (metalic wire or connector exposed) connection somewhere in the system. It is grounding out or you are losing voltage. This will increase in wet conditions. Put a dielectric grease in all electrical connections related to the ignition system. If that works further protection can be gained by wrapping all connections in electrical tape.

Good Luck.:busted:

95% of the time it will be the spark plug cap, clean it and seal it every 12months especially if you ride in dust.

Did you check the plug cap resistance??

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