Any CO riders interested in a WR ride in Breckenridge?

Before it all gets shut down for the summer (doesn't seem like it all is closing up), How about an all CO WR ride on a Saturday in Late July or early Aug up in Breckenridge? Anyone interested? Possibly July 27th or Aug 3rd.

I'm in.

YO DOUGIE...............

A couple of friends of mine, and myself of course, are riding a bunch of single track up in Brek area on this Saturday - 7/7...............You up??

Let me know.......just want to get some riding in before it gets closed..........

Dodger :D:)

Absolutely. Actually, a buddy of mine and I were going up there this Saturday also. What are your plans for departure and where will you park? We planned on leaving by 9am and will go in by the Breck Golf Course and park along the road by the forks.

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