Clutch Bushing

How many of you guys with early 650R's have replaced your clutch bushing? I know I should get off my a** and switch it out with the updated part but it has shown no sign of failing in over 2000 miles. I still have the original countershaft seal too. :)

My '00 never had a problem with the original bushing. It looked fine when I installed the updated unit. I never had a problem with the CS seal either. I rerouted my crank breather hose and increased the hose size. The end result was a vacuum scavenged crankcase. The new bushing is about $12, cheap insurance IMO.

My 2001 came with the newer clutch bushing from the factory (it's a late 2001 model) :). I bought the countershaft seal and it was a piece of cake to install. Just lay the bike on its side and you can do the job without loosing any oil. Both parts are inexpensive. Here's a tip when doing the clutch bushing. After unstaking the nut, put the bike in 5th gear and have someone sit on it while you break the nut free (the higher gearing will help you out :D). Some people use an impact wrench instead, but I didn't need to when installing the new clutch bushing on a friend of a friends bike. When installing the nut, put the bike in 5th gear and have someone sit on it while torquing it to spec, otherwise the bike will want to roll forward. I don't think there's an urgent need to change these parts, but if you're going to be inside the bike for any reason or have the slightest leak at the countershaft seal or just need more peace in mind, then by all means update them.

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