Rotella oil?

The Amsoil study was comprehensive and very well done. I do wish they would do another one that included some of the popular automotive/commercial oils. Rotella, and several others, are excellent engine oils, but fail in the area of shear stability, sometimes very rapidly. They work acceptably only if changed very frequently.

So Gray what Amsoil do you use and at what hour interval do you change it out at?

Amsoil MCF (MCV July through Sept). I change oil and filter every two to 3 ride days, which equates to between 5 and 8 hours, usually.

It depends not just on how long the oil has been used, but also on how long it will be run if I wait until the end of the next ride to change it.

when i was iceracing this winter on my 06 450 i changed my oil every 2-3 hours of ride time on the hourmeter. and my oil still came out looking gold..

im going to be changing it ever 4-5 hours of ride time for when i ride it in the dirt. is going that going to be ok or should i change it sooner..

BTW i use rotella

and on a another side note.. my buddys all use rotella in there honda 450s and there engine builders all said that there motor is clean as hell inside with no wear marks what so ever. and thats a honda with over 100 hours on it..

so it really cant be that bad now can it as long as you change it often.

Different strokes for different folks!

when i was iceracing this winter on my 06 450 i changed my oil every 2-3 hours of ride time on the hourmeter. and my oil still came out looking gold..

There is no visual indication that the oil has lost its viscosity at operating temperature. Only a lab test can confirm that. A 15w-40 that has degraded to a 15W-30 will look just the same as it used to when drained cold.

While I don't doubt that Rotella will work......diesel oil in a motorcycle? Really?

Motorcycle oil in the 450...leave the Rotella for the Duramax.

Like I said, I don't doubt that it can't be done but if it was really that good why wouldn't the manufacturers offer an equivalent and make that the spec for the bike? :usa:

Using Rotella in your 450 is like the guy in the 2T forum that uses STIHL chainsaw oil in his YZ250.

As far as price goes, changing my oil often with high quality oil is the price you pay to play. If you don't want to pay the premium, either ride less (not an option) or roll the dice with the cheap oil.

To each his own :thumbsup: Now go ride your bike!! :lol:

I'll put it this way I tried Rotella and Yamalube. I must be hard on the clutch because when I use them I blow through one quick. So I switch to Belrae thumper. Change the oil Fiday night rode mx Sat and Sun. Change today black as coal. The rotella would have smelled like S$$t comming out. So I would say it depends how hard you ride as to which oil and how often you should change it.

I use Royal Purple Full Synthetic here 20w-50

I use Royal Purple Full Synthetic here 20w-50

ummmm.....thats not good.:thumbsup:

rotella 5w-40 synthetic. i think it's a great oil and i run it in everything i own from bikes to jeep to lawn mowers.

This could start a new thread,But I would not use royal purple.

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