Design Flaw In Airfilter Frame

Hi, i have been oiling my airfilter with the best airfilter oil a man can buy, i have been using large amounts of grease around the air-filter and air channel mounting parts,

but there is an layer of fine dust after driving in side the air channel...

and that means that who knows how much of dust has all ready got thru to the engine...

i took the air filter frame and put it on place with my hand without the airfilter

to inspect how good does it mount...and dam it !, it doesent mount around the edges 100% it leaves an wobly 1.5mm emty space ...meaning no matter how tight u turn the butterfly screw it doesn't squeese the edges of the foam tight

inuf to be dust proof...especially when using an acerbis airfilter whats edges are not so thick that it woud increase the tightnes of the mounting...

to day i used my stock airfilter and even with an super careful oiling and greasing i still found dust in the air channel...

Now to get the airfilter frame to mount better u should drill an 2,5mm deeper

the mounting hole of the (white color frame) to get the bullet shaped

(black color) opposite part to go deeper and this way to get the edges push

the foam tighter against the sides..and because the black colored side has

side wings from the "arms" they should also be cut an 2,5 mils from the outer

edge other vise they will prevent the parts to sink in to each other after

the drilling that extra new 2,5mm.....this is one way i looked that it cud work

better...but how can this design be that bad as stock !! EVERY DRIVE MORE DUST TO MY NEW 2009 YZ450F !!:bonk:

I don't use grease, and I don't get dust.

The 1.5mm (1/16") gap between the cage and mounting flange is by design, so as not to cut the filter along the edge of the frame. The sealing lip of the filter is 4 times that thick, and is clamped against the flange quite well.

The filter lip needs to be oiled, just like the rest of the filter; thoroughly, all the way through the foam, not just sprayed on top. If that isn't done, dirt will flow in through the lip, and up into the air box. The WHOLE element has to be oiled ALL THE WAY THROUGH in order to work. Then clean it every ride.

Also, you need to face the fact that no air filter will stop everything. However, you should be able to get it down to a barely visible haze on the air boot, at most.

Spot on answer again...thank u Gray :bonk: :bonk:

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