GA Riders.....

Barnesville this Sunday? Robert, Mark, and Myself are going so far....

I have been challenged for a 23 Mile "No Holds Barred" race around the loop, by a local parts counter dude that's pissed cause I beat him to buying the YZ....He say's he's gonna show up with my kids old KLX300R and Kick My A$$..... Get your seats early....I feel a Kawasaki submarine may be visiting the pond around the first turn :D

You Honor...I do not know how he got that exhaust system impailed in his rectum?

I'm going to Kentuck in the morning for some high speed cornering practice...

Lets go have some fun....

Bonzai :)

I'll be ready. There may be a pretty big crowd in our group Sunday. This should be interesting.

I just saw this. Lane called me & is wanting to go...My tires sux...but no rain means the 739s may be the ticket,,...Mark, call me about transportation..& Bill, yes I MAY SHOW...dAMN,,IT SURE IS HOT AS HELL TO RIDE...BUT ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt!!!

I have been talking to Mark about going and am just curious what this is going to be like? I have spoken to a friend who is a beginner and who would like to ride as well and I would like to know what you guys think of that? Are the trails tight? Are there going to be a bunch of guys who are running everyone over because of the speed? How many people are going?

Barnesville is the best place in the state for beginners to ride. Nothing in the 26 mile loop is super tight...(ATV's Fit all trails)....For the first hour or so the traffic is fairly congested for the first 4 miles or so then it's wide open.

Most of the rednecks will leave the trail after one lap and spend the rest of the day making fools of themselves flipping over in one of the many lakes or in the mud bogs (off Trail)

It is a trip well worth taking once and for many of us has become a monthly get together of sorts. Lots of Fun....Look for my Green Full Sized Custom Van and my Race Trailer on the lower 40 parking down on the right side under the Giant Oak Tree.




Thanks to ALL who showed up for our monthly trek to Barnesville Yesterday.....Too bad the Smack Talkin, Bench Racing, Parts counter wannabe,failed to show up. I was really looking forward to smoking his A$$. Mabe after the dogging he's gonna get start getting tomorrow, he'll show up for the next one.

For those who wittnessed my spectacular endo on the back side of the course....Thanks for the chuckles, the laughs, and leaving me there to pull the splinters out of my A$$.....Even though it took me 20 minutes to catch back up....(Via Short Cuts) I had a ball. Today I am sore as hell but the safety gear did it's job....Not a scratch other than the sticker bush that cut my nose while I was trying to rejoin the group. This ride cost me about $160... in repair parts but worth every penny.

Bonzai :)

Bonzai, It was a blast! I spoke to Lane today & he even had fun....It was nice to breakaway from the MX to ride with the Ga Gang! Can't wait for DurahamTown Ride........Mark, thanks for riding down with me.....maybe I'll be able to catch up to you soon. :)


How did you endo on a trail??

Pic's ? :)

Too much throttle & leaning the wrong way...You should have seen him stuck in the briar patch..........too darn funny. I was laughing so hard I almost wiped out myself.

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