WR 450 info Sound and other

I worked quite a bit on the bike today after buying a second heater for the toy garage, it was -2 here in the morning. I put on new bars, cut the throttle stop, adjusted sag, and began wiring it for the street. I knew my buddy was coming over and I planned to have him ride it to see what he thought of it. I have a large yard and we have about 5 inches of snow so he didnt crank on it to much. His ride is a 02 Wr426.I was amazed as I listened to him riding the bike. I have the stinger out and IT IS LOUD. It has a real race car sound, the kind were a real hot cam has been installed. At some point I will be getting some sound readings, and I'm sure they will be way up there when the stinger is out. My friend loved the bike. He loved the seat and how far forward he could go. And he was amazed at how light and flickable it seemed.


I'm curious to know if the Vortip others have been using will fit on the 03 muffler. Does the WR450 muffler appear to be the same that was on the 02 WR426?

The end cap and stinger are the same. I'm not sure about the rest of the muffler. My 426 is sold so I can't make a comparison, and I'm too old to remember. Regarding my vortip it is 1 1/2 years old and I can't remember if I got it a Baja, A H Machlaughlins, or? But I think it the same one every one else is talking about..It has a reasonably large pipe diameter and makes nearly full 90 degree down turn.

Jim, Did you keep your Vortip or sell it with the 426? Have you ordered a new one? I have both the White Bros. and Baja tips. WB in my WR400 that I will sell in the spring and Baja for the new WR426. I live in Traverse City and we are snowed in for awhile, and I have not run the Baja tip. I think it will be better than WB, better flowing. If you want to compare I can ship them to for testing. They are not for sale and I do not have a vested interest in either tip. I do feel we need to keep the sound levels down, and if the new Baja tip works as good as it looks we are moving in the right direction. The Baja tip I have has only been available for a couple of months, so the design is new.

I'm pretty sure mine is the old baja design, but one new version may be the same vortip but wrapped with fiberglass. My 450 without the stinger is much louder than my 426 was. It is louder with the vortip in it. I dont think it can possibly met 94 DB with the vortip. The triple tube units may be better, but quieting a 450 may be a real problem. Unless mike bike has something going on that makes it louder than others.

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