Dmc Afterburner Comp. Rocks !!!

Hi ,if u are lost in the sea of aftermarket exhaust systems ,i can proudly recommend DMC afterburner competition serie ,it also comes with the quiet

insert type..mine is the louder one ,not wery loud eather ,just deep throaty sound...anyway i put it on last night bolting is easy as it gets..

the pipe looks awesome...

and to day had my first rides..i have an -09 yz450f from japan what allready comes with powerbomb header and long type exhaust...but holy cow !

what a difference, crazy acceleration and mega pull from low to top...i did a lot of search before i decided to get an dmc and i must say 10 out of 10 points :bonk: ...:bonk: :bonk:

Hay there, I have to say I totally agree with ya, I just put the full system on my RMZ450 and WOW:banana: what a difference, keeps pulling right through the revs and no shagging about with jetting, designed for stock settings, Big props to DMC :lol::worthy:

Most all after market exhausts give better performence than stock exhaust. Its more about what kind of look you want and then determine if it has the power you wanted. Cause we all know none of us can go out and buy every after market pipe out there and try each and everyone of them and then pick which one offers the most power.

got any pictures ?

i have the dmc comp exhaust, the nut broke off the exhaust pipe where it bolts to the subframe after a few rides. im looking to get an FMF system

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