IMS TANK on 426

This tank was givin to me, It has duel equilizer valves on both sides of tank. The 1/4" fuel line keeps touching the exhaust and burning, Does anyone have a quick fix?? Thanks, Before the fire starts!!!

Is the petcock handle on the outside? I bought my bike with the IMS tank already installed. The handle points toward the engine, and the fuel line is nowhere near the ex pipe. Id does make it a little harder to turn the gas off.

If it has two petcocks it is probably an Acerbis. My IMS only had one petcock.

Anyway if you run the line from the right petcock over the intake and maybe zip tie it to the head stay you should be able to keep it off the header.

Hope this helps.

I have the IMS Ty Davis YZ tank and seat. The right side petcock is a screw type valve and always open I used thermotech tape around the petcock(RH) and directly under the tank nearest the pipe. The outlet of the RH petcock is towards the inside of the bike and you shouldn't have a problem with heat on the fuel line itself. Also route the line as far from a heat source as possible and lightly zipty you can also use heat tape on the line if you so desire.I had the bike for 7 months and no problems yet with the tank.

I have the IMS Ty Davis YZ tank and seat.

Oops. I forgot about that IMS model.

Thanks guys for all the help! I wound up double wraping the fuel line and zip-tying as suggested! Will give it a go this weekend :)

Good luck, tell us how you make out with your tank install and 1st ride.

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