What Is This On Wiring Diagram?

Just trying to work out why my headlight isnt working as everything seems to be in order, there is a ground I havent connected up that was connected be for but from what I can remeber it was grounding the yellow wire which obviously desnt make sense, the only other thing it was off the home made dual sport kit which I am taking off anyway.

Anyway, can someone tell me what this is on the wiring diagram I have circled and arrowed it



At first I thought it was a diode, but after seeing the same connection on the tail light, I realized it was a bullet connector. I would like to know where on the schmatic the yellow wire is that is disconnected; at the coil ground maybe? Is the tail light working?

that is your magneto on the engine.

I agree with Xr650rhonda. I think it's just a bullet connector. Looking at the rest of the schematic, it looks like it's the connector that brings juice from your magneto to the lights circuit.


For sure a bullet connector.

sorry i was looking at the circled part by the number 6, yes i agree it most likely is a connector.

If it is just your headlight not working, the problem lies somewhere in line B between the headlight and the 3 connector plug just to the right of your switch (part O) or to where it connects to the shared ground before the tail light since the switch is still turning the tail lamp on (Powering up line L) and the tail lamp circuit goes to ground on line B.

Line L is obviously ok on the left of 3 prong plug since tail light powers up.

So, you can just ground B from the headlight to anywhere on your frame (give headlight it's own ground instead of sharing with tail lamp) or trace the ground back and see where it has the disconnect - could well be in the 3 prong connector just right of the switch (part O).

Easy way to see is to put your Digital multi meter to ohms keep the bike off and tap into Line B at the headlight and B at the tailight - if you get 0 ohm you got a good circuit, if it's infinite your circuit is cut somewhere.

Then move on to the 3 prong connector and test across it (should be able to stick meter pins in where wire B comes out on both sides) and look for the same results - 0 = good connection, infinite = bad.

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