? About sag on 08 450

Im thinking that as you adjust your chain you should check your sag

Is this correct

I added a link and mine was more than 15mm off

I hope Grey will chime in here but no.

When you check sag the bike should be on a stand with the nitrogen bottle cold.

Rear wheel ahould not touch the ground.

Take measurment #1

Then have someone help hold the bike while you sit in the most comfortable spot on the seat, kinda middle position.

Take measurement #2


Measurment 1 = 12 inches and 2 = Measurment 8 inches

Then that is = to 100mm or 4 inches

Chain should be adjusted on a stand.

Rear sprocket will kill the stock hub quick if too tight

Had a few friend do it already.

Look close at your manual

When you moved the axle back, you put the spring at a greater disadvantage, so the bike sagged more. Simple leverage.

sorry i mis read what you were asking

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