TPS Query

I have test my TPS per the manual and found that at WOT it is only 3.6 ohms instead of 4-6 ohms.

Does this mean I don't have full advance at WOT ?.

Just to see, I rotated the TPS to full adjustment and it only gets it to 3.8 ohms.

Anyone have any experience with the TPS ???.


Are you sure that your meter is accurate?

You are correct, That's exactly what that means. Since it's an electronic component it will degrade over time...I think mine was 4.1 when I checked it in December. In relative terms 1 ohm isn't a serious degradation, but anymore than that and I would consider changing out the TPS.

Do you have access to another bike which you can ride to gauge performance differences?

Bonzai :)

That TPS is a pricey little SOB to replace! :)

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