4th gear bad?

So, went out and rode the bike today, I has a completly rebuilt trans and new top end. And it is doing the same thing. still "skipping" in 4th. Weve replaced the gears, the sprockets , and the chain, so the last thing is the clutch. Again, it pulls hard in every gear except 4th. But its got to be the clutch. what else could it be?

did you replace the shift forks aso?

yes, and every gear

I would have to say you don't have much choice but to replace it. if everything is new, did you inspect the shift drum also. a good way to test your clutch is to put it in 3rd gear and try to pull out, if it doesn't stall, it's junk!

How old are the clutch springs?

its great in every gear, and i did the stall test. it stalls.

Ive had the bike for a year, and ive never replaced the clutch, I dont know if it was replaced before i had it. and the clutch springs look stock!! lol , so im hoping this is it. Clutch kit and springs are on the way!!!

I have been following this post since the beginning and I feel for you Bro....I remember you saying the shift fork looked good and we all said to replace it regardless of the appearance.......Not being there to experience some of these HELP PEOPLE situations sucks (Just like this one) Now that you have replaced a MILLION dollars worth of parts....It would be pretty sad if it was the clutch all the time....Did your Mechanic friend check the clutch for wear? (clutch pack height)

[color="Blue"I probably should have read this statment better....

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it doesnt pop out of gear ever, but i guess ill do it neway while its apart

When the dogs are worn and the fork is bent, it will jump out and the engine will rev up......It wasn't doing that....you even told us that....:busted:

You have a bent fork shift....not a big deal but will cost you a little.

THE forks were replaced!!! every single gear and fork inside the trans is brand new!!! the clutch plates, basket, pressure plate and springs are the only thing that have not been replaced. the clutch is stock i think. it never jumps out of gear ever

Didn't anyone read my follow up on this post?

put in new clutch, still didnt fix the problem. Im at my wits end

OK, let's go over this again.

This happens only in 4th, right? Never in any other gear?

Does it happen only under a fairly heavy load? Can you make it stop by rolling back on the throttle?

Is the "slipping" more like a hard physical jerk, as if the chain skipped a tooth under a load?

it is a hard jerk. it has gotten so bad the i cant ride the bike in 4th anymore. i used to be able to roll back and it go away, but now its so bad it doesnt matter how much throttle is on it. if i put it on the stand and rev it slightly while its in 4th, i hear it bad/ its only in 4th

Did you see the new gears go into the trans?

i have the old gears. my mechainc never said he replaced all the ring gears, he said they looked fine. but, he WILL replace every little gear and bearing and shimmy in that thing or hell die!!!:busted:

We have been told a couple different symptoms from the beginning.......First you said it wasn't JUMPING OUT OF GEAR....Just slipping..

Now it is actually jumping out of gear......I think from everything that has been talked about you need a better mechanic.......Not trying to slam anyone, but dude...If a good mechanic splits the cases to repair the tranny.....It usually gets fixed...... I hate RE - WORKS....

Can you take a picture of the dog side of the gears he replaced? And the fork....

maybe your right. ya ill take pictures when i get home

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