Rate the R&D Power Bowl

Is it worth the money or no

I have been running out of money and this was on my wish list

what do you guys think of it.

I think its a waiste'o'money:ride:

Me too!

I have it, and i have quite snappy throttle responce no bog etc...but i cant say how it woud have been without because we put it on straight away..but i do like the idea that its adjustable...but mayby u will be ok with just the acceleration pump...

had it also....helped with the hiccup and bog for sure,but it is a little pricey.simple adj. and jetting also helped though too.lets put it this way,the next 4strk i buy,i'll spend a afternoon rejetting and adjuting the carb before i spend the big bucks for the r&d parts again.thats a couple hundred for something else:smirk:

Only good thing about it is the ALJ (adjustable leak jet) for an alloy framed bike due to the bowl being so hard to remove on the bike. And even then, if you always do one type of riding, chances are once you determine a leak jet size that works for you, you will never change it. So even a ALJ may well be a uneeded expenditure.

save ur money.. send ur carb to ziptye. will do the same thing pretty much but alot cheaper.

Yep, I have my carb bored on my kawi and also soon to be on my yamaha and it is awesome and well worth the money.

gtx, this is just an amateur's observation, but I say it depends. My bike had a terrible bog. It ran better with the choke on, so I figured I'd jet richer. Went to a 48 pilot, 170 main, and a JD low altitude needle at the fifth clip position. Improved, but STILL had a bog, and STILL ran better with the choke on in the low to mid throttle range. I looked into the throat while twisting the throttle and noticed the squirt from the AP was feeble looking. It also wouldn't squirt again without waiting for a few seconds...i.e., the AP housing was taking a long time to refill. I suspected that the check valve between the float bowl and the AP housing wasn't allowing an adequate flow of fuel. So, I found an R&D Powerbowl on ebay and put it on. Don't ask me why, but it has solved the bog AND the need to choke it to make it run better. In fact, I think I am now jetted too RICH, and am going back to the 168 main and will set the needle at the 4th clip notch to see how it runs. Again, I don't quite understand why the Powerbowl has brought this about, but it did. So, for me, I am very glad I bought it. I haven't figured out how the adj leak jet works though. It doesn't seem to make much difference where I have it. The squirt doesn't seem to change.

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