Dual Sporting a 426

This may be incredibly stupid and feel free to tell me so, but isn't the reason you need to change the bottom end out on a YZ to WR due to flywheel weight? I'm not a mechanic or claim to be but if you used some of the flywheel weights people talk about to make it a better trail bike solve the problem? I could be and sure I am way off base here so someone set me straight/

No. The reason that one would change from a YZ450 crank to a WR is to be able to use the WR stator and flywheel to drive lighting. That works only on '06 and later models. The '03-'05 YZ450 requires the change of the complete lower half, including the crankcases.

However, none of that is necessary on the 426. You can simply bolt in the WR426 electricals (there is a wiring mod needed) using the existing crank.

The flywheel weight is an improvement for trail work, but it isn't the main reason for the swap.

Cool thanks grey. You are like a human fact book for YZ's

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