It's ALIVE! Rebuild Complete!

Just finished a complete teardown, powdercoat, cleanup and rebuild of my '98 YZ400. In addition to powdercoating I cleaned every inch of every part, replaced the swingarm and linkage bearings, added new Protapers, new grips, new plastic, new graphics, accelerator pump cover and Rekluse clutch. Before anyone asks, yes I did my homework on the forum and made sure the frame was well plugged and properly flushed of any remaining sand from sandblasting.









The rest of the pics can be found here:


looks very good and clean too

Nice job!:bonk:

Sweet looking bike.

I thought the first pic was the cleaned bike :bonk: then scrolled down. Very nice!:bonk: :bonk:

Now that's a clean bike!

Nice job.

fantastic work done here :bonk: - when you think about it this 10 year old machine is still dynamite .. trail or track.

Dude. That is one sweet ride.

The silver frame just disappears when everything is put together. Very nice choice.

How much do you charge? I have a 426 that needs some work done this winter.

Thanks! For the cost of labor alone, you'd be able to buy a brand new bike! :bonk:

Hard to believe all that bike rides on that little frame!

Nice job!:bonk:

nice job!!

nice job! I have a 2000 that is still running strong valves are still in spec, starts easily but it's age has me tempted to do a rebuild and looking at your fresh frame etc has me thinking I should go for it!

Shoulda went with a 2006 or newer front fender, it would make the bike POP!

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