I'm gonna wash that dirt right outta my parts!!

just got a new parts washer today and boy, i shoudda bought this a long time ago. cleaning grease is effortless now, and everything comes out squeaky clean. but i was curious about any tips anyone has on using one. what do i not want to put in there? what should i put in there? any tips?

i also saw on "My Classic Car" today a cool powder-coating system from some restoration company. they just sprayed on the powder, baked at 400F for 20 minutes and you have just powdercoated whatever you want. you do need a low pressure air source-tank or compressor, but i'm not sure of the price. it could be up there.

thanks for the tips!

got the address for the powdercoating sys: http://www.eastwoodco.com/cgi-bin/sgdynamo.exe?HTNAME=/hotcoat/hotco at_new.htm&UID=2001021200280770&FNM=20


P.S. don't try it with a gas oven :)


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Over time the oil and grease will contaminate your solvent, reducing it's effectiveness, so I suggest precleaning stuff whenever you can. Get some good rubber gloves that will withstand the solvent. You don't want to expose your hands to that stuff if you can help it. Throw some old tooth brushes and other scrubbers in the tank, along with a spray can of brake cleaner for the "final rinse" of critical parts.

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