Street legal WR in PA

Has anyone registered their WR for street usage in PA? Please give as much detail as possible. Call me lazy but I get tired of loading my bike and gear, then cleaning my truck when I'm done. Also are any D.O.T. legal tires decent performers off road or are they a compromise with no strengths anywhere?

You can buy a trailer cheaper than converting your bike

I don`t know about PA., but in ohio getting a title is a real pain

Yes its a real pain in PA. You have to go to a notary for all of the paperwork for a reconstructive title, take pictures before and after, have all receipts instructions, a mechanic willing to inspect it. Need Baja Designs or similar kit, DOT knobs Pirelli MT44 or 32 on front Kenda TrackmasterII on back,Speedo/Odo, Mirror, rear fender at a 75degree angle from rear axle,front/rear brake lights. $$$$$$$$

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