Switching from WR 400 to WR 250?

I now have a 00 WR 400 and love the power but hate when you are in a tight place trying to kick start!

I have a deposit already in a 03 WR 450 but my dealer has a 03 WR 250 that he claims, has almost the same power as my old bike and much lighter than the 450.

I'm 205 lbs.6'1 W/O gear,intermediate rider, don't ride in the desert wide open, mostly tight trails, for those in So Cal. Lake Arrowhead, Miller Canyon and some Gorman.

Has anybody compared this two bikes?

hahahh. my buddy has a yzf250 and in the opwn dez my bike will smoke that thing. it is very light thought and you will love it in tight woods. not much low power though and all the power is up top. be ready for lots of revs.


I was looking at one and yes, they are light but the lack of power out of the corners will kill you. You have already been bit my the power bug but you don't know it yet. :)


You have to ride it like a 125 2 smoke and thats not a bad

thing.I used to ride a 125 in tight single track and I was

never as tired as I am on my 400.

Thanks for the info. I'm going to give it a try, worst case my 16 year old will be moving up from the TTR 125L .

After it's broken in of course. :)

I have a WR400 and my buddy has a WR250 with some significant mods. Power-wise, the 400 smokes the 250. But I'd actually like to have one of each. This 250 would be the sweetest woods bike you could imagine......if my buddy would ever ride in the woods with the d**n thing.

In tight stuff, the 250 is awesome, and won't wear you out as fast as a 400. But you DO have to ride it like a 125.

But I wouldn't buy it for the starting ease. It's not that much different, and my 400 starts fine as long as I do the drill. No drill, no start. But she'll fire as long as you use the right knob, etc.


I have been riding, racing a 01 WR 426 for the last couple of years and really like the bike and the power. However I just picked up an YZ 250F (for the Wife of course) and I have to say this bike is awesome. I would have to say as close to perfect as I have ridden. Yes it is considerably less in power but you make up for it in less weight and reciprocating mass. I find I have better corner speed do to the way the 250 puts the power to the ground. The 250 just feels small and you can whip it around like an 80. I’m still keeping my 426 for the desert racing I do It is right at home in the wide open desert but if I could have only one bike it would be the 250F. As for the power 30+ horsepower is nothing to laugh at hell it would have been a good figure for a 250 two stroke a few years ago.

What CUDA said. The 250F is awesome in the woods. I'm going to sell my DRZ400 and buy an '03 WR250. For anything under 50MPH, the 250F is king. I took my YZ250F up the worst goat trails you can imagine. Yes, it needed lower gearing and softer suspension, but it was so much more fun flicking it around than a bigger heavier DRZ, that I saw the "light".


'00 DRZ400

'01 YZF250 (sold)

'03 CRF450

Rider wieght? That should play a signifacant role in the descision? I am 230 and was wondering how it hauls big guys up hill? My buddy's think I should get the 250F. ---Mike

I have a 01 426, and I weigh 250. I have a friend who has a 2002 250, and I have ridden it on tracks and in the woods. IMHO it doesn’t even come close to the 426. Yes they are light, flick able, and feel small, but I feel very underpowered compared to the 426. My friend loves his, but he always says, "I just wish it had more/different power like yours". What he means is on the 426 you just turn the throttle and hand on there is more than enough power. With the 250 you have to really rev it. The power definitely hits high mid to top. The 426 has a great low end, a huge mid and nice top. I have trouble riding his bike in tight technical woods, because of the difference in power. I think the 250 is an awesome ride, if you weigh in under 200. I may just be biased, because I love the 426. :):D

Cnacc, Yep that was my thoughts exactly. I have a 426 now and pick up my WR-450 tomorrow. I feel I made the right choice. Now I wonder how it will compare to my 426? ---Mike

Never mind, I waited a little & my WR 450 is now in my garage I'm sure I made the right decision :)

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