1999 Wr400?

I was recently offered a 1999 WR400 that needs the valves reworked for $500. It is a complete bike, will turn over, but will not crank. I wanted to get some opinions on what all could be damaged and whether or not you guys think that is a decent price. Also, any pointers as to what to look for would be great.

Thanks, Austin

Hard to say. You could part it out if the rest looks nice. The rads, rims etc.

If the rest of it is in good shape, IE the frame's straight, no rust, nothing leaking, decent looking oil / air filter, decent seat and plastics, offer him 350 for it. Either way you win.:bonk:

A good rebuilt head will cost about $500. another $200 for a piston and rings gaskets.

They are good if a bit heavy bikes...plenty fast for sure.

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