WR 450 starter chaos

Got my WR450F a week ago. Broke it in and then went on a 50 mile ride. At the 44 mile mark, went to start it and it was dead.Starter would not engage, and it would not start with a tow!! Turns out I sheared the flywheel woodruff key and the nut backed off. Waiting for parts from Yamaha. Has anybody else had this happen? Worst part was my buddy had to tow me 6 mi. with his 525sx KTM!! Everything else is bitchin.

If you are serious about this post and want some sort of response, start with filling out your user profile, otherwise every one will think your just stirring the pot and wont answer :)

Go play somewhere else


Nice way to welcome a newby guys.

i dont think he was stirring the pot. He said he thought the bike was bitchin. Lets keep it calm. Right guys?

Since my WR 450 is coming from Atlanta via mule train I don't know the starter/ring gear setup, but I would say this is made up. First its dead, then the starters not engaging.Second I had a flywheel get loose one time(long ago) and there was plenty of indication some thing was going south,noise,vibration, etc. That doesn't seem like a failure that you would just not be able to start it after shuting it off.Does 44 miles seem like a strange time to take a break in a 50 mile ride. I would bet that there is not much room between the flywheel and side case and if the nut was backed off you would know before you shut her down.

Most posts like this, made 15 minutes after reg. on TT are trolls.Is this real or fake? Maybe we'll find out maybe not.

No disrespect here. Just my take on it.

Maybe he just couldn't resist the urge to keep pushing the button after the bike was already started? I know I'm gonna have a hard time resisting... :)

Second I had a flywheel get loose one time(long ago) and there was plenty of indication some thing was going south,noise,vibration, etc

I dunno, if the auto-decomp wasn't working properly for whatever reason maybe the starter has enough ooomph to shear the woodruff key.


Then the starter would be able to spin the flywheel nut right off there. In other words the starter is what made the flywheel come off because it couldn't spin the motor, not the other way around.

I doubt the starter has that much oomph. It is not much bigger than 2 film canisters end to end. It is physically about half the size of the starter on the new honda CRF230

The WR450 guys are getting TT post shock. Any negative post = troll. I love it!


hey roons and every one else. As much as I hate to do this but I just got my bike(450) out of the shop today because of the same reason. The woodruff key broke and therefore had no spark.Yamaha is really great and said if this happens to be a problem then they will take care of things. I have about 40 miles on my bike. My dealer seemed to think that it was caused by a backfire. Mine happen to do this the second it broke.I had been riding for about an hour and a half. Let me know what happened to you!Now for all you "LET ME TURN THIS INTO A DUMB FORUM BATTLE", keep the forum at hand. I would like to hear some serious imput. The dealers I have talked to, say that Thumper Talk is great for all the imput from all over the world, except when someone runs off with the idea that something is a god damn recall when someone smokes there clutch, and it turns into a yamaha reall. And I, being on this this website for about 5 months already see what they are talking about! It turns into a F***ing contest on who can cut down each others brand! I don't know if there are others out there that feel the same way, but there it is! Thats what happened to me and my bike!

From the 450 manual,"WARNING if starter motor will not turn when pushing the start switch, stop pushing it immediately and kick start the engine in order to avoid load on the motor."

When I read this yesterday after getting my bike, I thought, great that guy on TT wasn't B.S.ing.

roons, sorry I doubted your post. I ride alot by my self,and I guess I was hoping this wasn't true.

It's good to see that you Yamahoppers get along so well!

A person has a problem with his new ride and ya call him a troll,that's nice.

Just because ya think the WR450 is God's gift to dirt biking does'nt mean people are not going to have problems with the bike.

I made some comments on the DRZ forum about my DRZ400 and some of the Suzuki guys did'nt like that either,well too bad!!!

Everyone has different expectations,skill,experience, which will all affect how a bike works for them.If you can't handle a little criticism about your bike too bad!!

As far as I know that's what the forums are all about!!!


I think compared to a DRZ, a WR 450 IS Gods gift to dirt biking. Even if I gotta push the thing all the way home!

AH! Its not worth it! :)

By the sounds of it you probably will be pushing your WR all the way home!! :):D

As far as being God's gift ya probably think your the next Ty Davis too! :D :D

Must have been quite the step up from a XR70 to the WR ey??


" If you can't handle a little criticism about your bike too bad" sound familiar?

Yeah it sure does!!!

I criticize my bike every day so there.

Ya still haven't answered my question about the jump from the XR to the WR!!

He He

:D :D

Seems like your getting a little defensive about your WR,is'nt it as good as you thought it was going to be??

Tell me now before I make the mistake of buying one when I could have a CRF instead!!


Do you think they may have just forgotten to torque the nut at the factory and this is what caused the issue? I'm thinking that when I pick mine up next week that I will pull the cover and lock-tite and re-torque the nut, just in case. I truly hope these are isolated incidents.

My mechanic, after he looked at it and found the key broke. He asked if it backfired at all? I told him that it did right when it broke.The bike was really way to lean from the factory, and it backfired when I tried to start it with the magic button. Funny he would say this efore I toldhim what had exactly happened.He ended up moving my air?fuel screw, and moving the clip down one position.I am riding any where from sealevel to 4000 ft.Hope this can help!

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