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I know you guys have been covering the tanks for the R model but how about the L model? I am looking at IMS, Aceribis, and Clark. Does anyone have pics of these on there bikes? I would like to get red. Do any of these companies have a good red that matches the 01 Honda red even close?

uw153, I have the IMS 4 gal. on my 02 650L and I'm very happy with it. No problems at all so far. The install only takes a few minutes and the color matches great. The finish is not as quite as shiny as the stock plastics, but the tank looks good. A little bit tricky at first getting used to the additional weight after topping off the tank. I don't think I'd like to try a 5 gallon tank for that reason. On the street, no big deal. But top the tank off and hit some tight trails an you'll feel the top heaviness for sure. Check it out. Later, Mike


Thanks Freak, yours is a nice look'n ride. I am looking to get the "Q" FMF myself, any suppestions? I.E. jetting. I already have a K&N air filter in it "snorkel not removed" but still the stock jetting. So far increadibly lean. I just picked the bike up before Christmas so I haven't had much time to take it apart and play with the jetting. I already have a '98 DR 650 with a K&N jet kit and Supertrapp IDS2. Right now the Suzuki will easily outrun the XR.

uw153, I haven't had any problems with the Q pipe at all and would recommend it. I ordered mine from www.bajadesigns.com the guys there were a big help. They'll ask you what your elevation is, and send you the correct jets for your pipe and altitude that you live in.

I've never ridden a DR 650 before, but I did buy my bike brand new and can honestly say that the power of the 650L in stock form is pretty pathetic. I was very disappointed the first time I took mine out for a ride. That's what got me looking around the net for ways to improve it. The way that my bike performs now is just incredible. You wouldn't believe that it's the same bike. You have to rejet your bike, pull the snorkel and get yourself a pipe. I also dropped the gearing quite a bit, that makes a huge difference also. The bike just makes incredible torque now. It's loads of fun to ride. If I can help you with anything just let me know. Later, Mike

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