Rocky Mountain Rocks !!!

Hi everyone,

I know a lot of you already know about Rocky Mountain, the great prices, fast delivery, and great service you get from them when buying parts (not offered at :D

To my surprise, I received a letter from Rocky Mountain. I wondered, what is this? A bill or something? NOPE ! It was, get this, a Gift Certificate for $86.08 thanking me for participating in their frequent buyer program. :) I didn't even know I had participated?

I have bought a lot of crap in my day from many a different store and have never, and I repeat never, received anything like this. I feel like I got the better end of the deal and that my friends doesn't happen often.

Just wanted to share my Rocky Mountain Story with you all.


RM is a great company!! I buy everything I can from them and they always have it in stock.

Me too, I was suprised to receive $57 in a gift cert yesterday. I just purchased some more stuff with that free money.

Fryboy, I would be at SF SX but the baby is coming anyday now, other wise I would have been there. I assume you are going, and will have a great time. I made the Seattle show every year before the imploded the dome. Have fun. And post the results in your title. :):D Just kidding

Hey Team Oatmeal Pie,

Congratulations on your new arrival ! I didn't know you were expecting. Must of been last years Thumpertalk ride which inspired you? Or is it them pies? LOL

Hope you are coming to this year's ride


I Ditto It! Rocky Mountain Kicks A**!

Did the same thing. Got home, checked the mail, saw the letter, wondered what this was all about and...BAM! There it was...My Gift Cert. for 68 semolians! Gonna study the catalog real good this weekend to see how to spend it!

Peace-Out! :)

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