Cross Thread Dip Stick????

I got something whine about!!! Last night I was changing my oil...pretty basic. I poured the oil in after buttoning everything up and low and behold the dip stick didn't want to screw in! Like, What the ****? It's plastic! Just drop it in the hole and let the threads find their merry little way, right? But NO! My dipstick has to cop a 'tude and not want to go into the hole (gay dipstick?). Has anyone else experience this bizarre behavior? It worked fine until last night and it wasn't like I was going Mongo on it! Pig Brothers...please advize. :)


That happens to me everytime I check the oil. If I remember correctly, they are pretty big threads right??? Why would they be so hard to screw back in? Anyways, you aren't the only one with the dipstick who cops a 'tude!!!

You did get it back in though, right?

:) Hi Red, You mean I'm not alone and a candidate for the Little Yellow Bus Bragaide? I feel a little better and yes, I did get it back in. That's the really weird part! I was futzing about looking at the plastic threads, trying to look at the frame threads (I have the Clarke 4.3 tank and have all the stabilizer foof, so it's a little "space challenged" in there!) After much creative cuss word association, it just dropped in like butter! So natually I had to check it again and guess what? It went all retarded again! Kept futzing for a finally goes in like butter again! (Don't forget, I just changed my oil and still had to add oil to get it just right. Once I got it to the proper oil level, I was going to screw it in one last time. This time it was the "Mother Of All Cluster Screws" Yeah, I got it back in...Don't know if I'm gonna get it back out. Going to try to get a new (non gay) dipstick today at lunch! I have never had this problem until last night...Oh look...Here comes my Little Yellow Bus...Gotta GO! :D

everytime mine does it. my 95 xr600r did it too.

pisses me off!

jeff :)

One thing that screws up the dip stick is the dipper sticks down too far and the bike frame gets in the way. I took a heavy wire nipper and trimmed off all below the mark just below full and then it screws in just fine. If it had oil on it thats all I needed to know.

The problem was solved with the Baja sight tube,(money well spent).

the dipper sticks down too far and the bike frame gets in the way

Dutch is right on the money and you can see the interference if you shine a flash light down the dipstick hole. It has to be inserted just right, or else it goes in catty-wampus.

Once the plastic threads are ruined from cross threading it's time to replace it with an XR's Only Temperature Dipstick.

Features: Metal treads, accurate oil temperature, easy to read.

Needsprayer, Would the Al Baker Temp Gauge fit in between a big jug and damper clutter? I will try to contact Al (may he rest in peace) Baker's XR's Only. Let me know what YOU think. Or should I just nip a section off, Dutch? To replace the stock one is only (only?) $11.00. The XR's Only is $39.00. If you know me, you will know that I like to go Cheap! :) How much should I amputate? This is assuming that I can get the original one out! I'm not kidding!!! :D I might have Mongo'd it to get it in. It was getting late and I was (I'm a mellow guy...really!) getting PISSED! :D You know what they say..."When In Doubt; Smash It"! Just kidiing...kind of! :D


If you can currently use the stock dipstick with the jug and damper in place, then you can use the XR's only dipstick. I would rather replace one time, than multiple times and you can monitor the oil temperature which helps during warmup and low speed riding. Ideal range is 180-190 F.

I called and spoke with one the XR's Only guys. He was cool. He explained that you have to position the dipstick end towards the right lever side as you screw it in. Don't know...kinda leaning towards the Temp. Gauge...for the Cool Factor! :) First I'm going to see if it's in the Rocky Mountain Catalog. Use my Frequent Buyer Bucks Coupon I just got! Yee Haa! :D

Hey Rokatt I bet my frequet flyer dollars are RMMC are higher than yours! I gots me a 74.39 gift certiffy! Yee haa! Is that a good or bad thing? :)

Hey Danco! Yep! You beat me like a Red Headed Step-Thumper! :D Mine was only $63.85 :) I say it's a good thing. If you are going to spend the money, I feel that RMMC gives you the best Bang For The Buck. And then to be rewarded for using them! :D Is this a great country or what? :D

Dutch! I modified my contorted and deformed dipstick by performing a lengthy and prolonged Dipstickendopee. Little bugger drops in just fine now. "I shall call him...Mini Me"! Went CHEAP!!! :D

Cool! I've got one in my tool box just like it -

Oops! Wrong classroom. Since I'm here, I just opened my front door to a box containing an XR's Only Temp. Oil Dip Stick. Checked it in a pan of boiling water, once I found the recipe book, and it says 200 degrees when boiling. Now I have another reason to take my eyes off the road. :)

So, What'z for dinner? :)


that's funny. i never had to deal with the gay grey dipstick because i have the equally gay ass scotts threaded dampener post. i'm on a whole other level of gay.


Has anyone seen Lemmywinks??? :):D


How much of your dipstick did you cut off??? Is it as gay or less gay then it was before???

I think we should change the name to oil checker or something, because we sound like we are gay talking about each others dipsticks...haha

Red! Yeah, I cut it about the halfway mark. This way I can still gauge the oil level. The dipstick was pretty bent and contorted so there was no way to get it into the proper position (G-Spot) for insertion :D Goes in just fine now! So, I guess it's not how long it is, it's how it fit's the hole! :D

Maybe we should call them "Love Bats"!

We should be very secure in our manhood...we ride the biggest, meanest, heaviest bikes out there. As Tool Time Tim Taylor would say...Arrrrr Arrrrr Arrrr Arrrr! :)

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