Full motor for a 03 yz450f???....plzz Help

where can i find a motor all i have is the rolling chassis....can any 1 lead me in the right direction to getting one cuz i cant find one at all!!!

YZ450 motors are pretty common on ebay.Have you checked craigslist?

Yea check ebay

I would recommend ebay but you can more than likely pick up a hole bike for the cost of an engine.

your dealer could probably get you one. it would be more expensive than ebay but at least you would know what your getting.

i keep searchin ebay and cant find nothing.....

You may not be able to find a complete motor (even on eBay). I don't think the dealer can/will sell you a complete engine either.

You may have to get the pieces and assemble it yourself.

There is a 426 motor on ebay right now, but I am going to be brutally honest. This is going to cost you waaaay more money than the bike is even worth. You say you have a rolling chassis, does that include all of the electronics or just a frame\fork and wheels? Don't forget about the CDI, the carb, tps sensor etc...

I would just part out what you have and buy a complete bike. You will spend half as much money.

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