Warped Rear Brake Rotor

I just noticed that my rear rotor is warped. With the rear wheel off the ground, when I spin the tire, the rear caliper moves back and forth about 1/8". Is this a serious problem, will it wear out the sliders on the rear caliper? Can it be straightened? Roughly how much is a new one, aftermarket or OEM?

Your help would be appreciated

I ran into this problem a few months ago. Take the wheel off the bike and use something with a straight edge such as a metal ruler to find where the rotor is warped. Mark the area and use an adjustable wrench to bend it back. It shouldn't take too much to straighten it so don't be too forcefull so you don't break anything. Good luck.

If you cant get it straight, then 99 times out of 100 you can find someone on here thats willing to sell a stock one pretty cheap (Cheaper than a dealer)

Rocky mountain sells replacements for like $50.

But the crescent wrench trick works also.

I straightened mine with a large cresent wrench.

It's about the only thing that wrench is useful for.

Where abouts in Ontario are you?

Thanks everyone, I'll try the Cresent Wrench approach.

I am from the Hamilton area. I mostly ride around Turkey Point, Gopher Dunes, Welland Canal, and a bit of the Ganni.

You should come over and do the Calibogie 2 day ride.

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