If you are thinking about ordering from Competition Accessories...

You may want to wait. They have undergone an Ownership change. An order I placed back in March has been backordered (although they charged my credit card IMMEDIATELY at the placing of the order). Last week I was notified via mail that, (after I had cancelled the order)

I was out my $90.00,

had to debate the amount w/ my credit card company


that it was out of their hands (and responsiblity) !!! :)

what a bunch of crap!

[ July 05, 2002: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

Where are they located and do they have a web page?


Did you take your problem with your credit card company past the "Customer NO Service" to the next level?

You did use a main stream credit card and NOT a bank Checkcard (Fake Visa) to do the transaction right?

If you used a (Fake Visa/Mastercard) with this company your mast likely screwed. Banks do not provide the same protections with these cards and leave the customer "Out of Luck" when something like this goes wrong.

Bonzai :)

Hey Kev,

If you get no satisfaction from these people call your local department of consumer affairs. They will give you a form to fill out and they will investigate this matter. Awhile back a software company tried to pour the coals to me. Just the mention of involving consumer affairs got them walking the straight and narrow.


This was a reputable outfit out of Springfield, Ohio. The facility is probably the largest MC shop I've ever seen.

No more, it seems. Too bad..

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