Grey Wire Question

I know I could probably find what I'm looking for with a search, but I diodn't want to read 500 pages of how to cut the grey wire. I want to know what it actually does to the ignition by cutting it. I have an '03 WR450 and it has been cut and the power is great after necessary jetting...etc. I ride single track only in a rocky, greasey, rooted side of a mountain and would like the bike to be smoother coming on. I have ridden a few KTM 450's and the motor is so smooth you can dial on any amount of power. My bike seems to come on pretty hard and wheelspin or a wheelie are my choices. Does anyone know if reconnecting will soften the blow?

Thanks for the input.


Yes, it does soften the kick, hence its' exsitence. I have a switch on my grey wire and use the WR setting when in the real tight stuff. To get the details, do the search.

for trail riding, reconnect the wire.. when i disconnected the wire my bike came alive.. if i knew that i was going to do slow technical courses i would plug it back in...

I want to know what it actually does to the ignition by cutting it.

It gives it the YZ ignition mapping.

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