Home made fork guards

I made fork guards out of the following materials:

1) 3" I.D. Black, ABS, Schedule 40 pipe

2) 3/8" thick, 3/4" wide, flat aluminum stock, approximatley 6" long.

3) Rubber bushings

4) Stainless steel bolts, washers and aircraft grade nuts (plastic centers)

The ABS Schedule 40 can be shaped without worry of cracking the plastic. I used scrowl and jig saws, a bench grinder and a drill press.

Attached the metal stock to the top triple clamp bolts. Then attached the shaped ABS Schedule 40 guards to the metal bracket.

Final fitting was a minor twist of the aluminum to get the fork guard centered over the fork.

Everything is sturdy enough to retain its position. However if it moves over time I will tie the guard to the front fender so it is secured on two sides. The guards sit out far enough from the forks so that they to not interfere with the brake and speedo lines.

Total cost: $8

IMHO, looks good (especially with some stickers) and is very functional.

Got any pics?

I'll try and borrow a digital camera this week.

I went ahead and tied the braces to the front fender this weekend.

I did something fun this weekend with the kids. I hung up a couple of blacklights in the shop (no windows). We washed two wornout OEM tires (front & rear) and painted the knob faces with 6 different florescent paints. Then we suspended them parallel to the ceiling. Now I have a knobby tire blacklight decoration. :)

Oh WOW, Man! :D Does that bring back some memories..."Break On Through To The Other Side, Yeah!" :D Now, just sprinkle on a little strobe light and you're Phsycodelic! :)

I went even cheaper on my fork guards! Bought one of those plastic sleeves for a 4' florecent light. Trimmed it length ways with my tin snips, and now have see-through fork guards. I'm in the service and my vehicle sticker is on the lower fork tube. This way the gate guard can see it and just waive me in versus getting stopped and pistol-whipped. :)

Bought one of those plastic sleeves for a 4' florecent light...

That's what I've always done for my CA off road license (green sticker). They work great!

Yes They do! I use that trick for all my bike's Big Brother Tree Hugger Syphon Bend Over the OHV'ers Green Stickie Fund. Works good and is oh so stylish. I make a sandwich so that the sticker is not stuck to the fork leg. This way, if you are going to have your forks worked on you won't have to mangle your BBTHSBO Green Stickie like ThumpDaddy 650! :)

Thanks for posting the pics. Nice job on the guards.

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