Cannondale Shuts Down

Are you the guy that got stiffed on the $5900 price?

His bike was $6399 plus shipping, prep and 7.25% sales tax. With only one bike and 10 guys behind him on the waiting list there was no haggling. Nice dealer huh!

Hey riders...I posted this on the 250 thread so will let you jump on me on this one as well.

Fat lady aint sung yet, and its amazing reading all this premature stuff about the company when the final facts aint out and available = gossip and rumor.

But I saw it on the internet so it must be true! (boy do I have some web sites for your review! :)

Its just like Monty Python and the Holy grail with the "bring out your dead" scene, even though the guy pleaded with him that he wasnt dead, he was told he was who knows best? ?

lets see what happens and not be so quick to bury the brand.

and sorry to hear it for owners of Cdales.


Cause of a rumor?

Cause of payroll issues?

Want to list the number of firms that have that happen to them?...or is CDale the only one?..hmmmm

Cause of a internet mag?

Could they go under?...maybe...give it some time. lets see what shakes out. Not sure why ANYONE that partakes in a sport that has at best a limited following (dirt bikes) is frowned upon by the general public, one that is run and controlled by foreign companies in the US, would jump on some bandwagon to grab the shovel and be quick to throw some last shovel full of dirt and throw it on the grave.....or honestly fellow dirt bikers, what appears to me to be happy to see C'Dale go under and proud you didnt purchase one?

What the??????????

That said, dont feel sorry for me and honestly the majority of the folks that own em. Been doing this dirt bike riding and racing thing for well over 30 + years, and having the opportunity to ride, own, race and push the Dale is well worth any potential issues they may have in the future. I wouldnt trade my rides on my E440 with any bike someone could give me. I have raced an owned so many yamahas I cant count em, and own two WR250fs right now. Sweet bikes, yep for a 'production line one size fits all' they are pretty kewl as are just about any bike today...but compared to the Dale they are boring at best. No comparison.

If you hank on the fact they are overpriced for the average consumer, you are correct, and they were never targeted at that market, nor where they ever aimed at taking over from Yamaha or Honda etc. But then if you knew anything about the Montgomerys and their targets vs some rumors you would know that.

You couldnt take one of the big four bikes and build it up to what the Dale has stock for anything less that $10k, but if that isnt important to you...then that doesnt matter.

Bottom line, let the chips fall where they may but I would think that having an American company give it a go, and produce one Hell of a machine out of the shute in a very competitive market takes some huevos!...

In closing I would have hoped that upon hearing this news/info/rumor that some Internet thread would take the form of asking what us weirdo minority American dirt bikers could do (if it is true) to prevent it and see what could be done to save one hell of a company and our own foot in the off road market, vs patting yourselves on the backs that you dont own one.

Kind of like continuing to water your yard when your neighbors house is burning down and thinking how much it sucks to be that guy.....

Guess I am too old fashioned huh...

Its all good....If they go under, then I ride mine until parts fall off it and she wont run anymore...then be happy knowing I was part of something pretty awesome and remind myself every time I ride anything else.

They are only bikes....its all good!

Collectively I would hope we would be cheering for em, instead of the "they did it to themselves" drivle.

Oh BTW...latest from Cannondale themselves is doors are open, shipping products, and tentatively working a deal to go fully public (in conjuction with Chpt 11 potentials to protect things) with the Motorsports division. that is a loooooooooooooooong way off from the doom and gloom on these threads...

Have an awesome day!



Hawaii I could not agree with you more. Lately this place has been a haven for rabble rousers and Trolls alike. Funny thing is some of them don't even own a real dirtbike.

To bad because this is an otherwise excellant place to hang out.

I wish the best to C-Dale..... I have always been a fan of their trick bikes. :)

You can get on Cannondales site and view their 2002 Annual Report. It has all the stats.

I think it sucks and I hate seeing companies like this fail under what seems to be gross mismanagment. What I don't understand is how they could keep launching all these new models and supporting racers while they were losing so much money? Why didn't somebody in the company stop the bleeding and re-organize before they got to this stage?

Not sure why ANYONE that partakes in a sport that has at best a limited following (dirt bikes) is frowned upon by the general public, one that is run and controlled by foreign companies in the US, would jump on some bandwagon to grab the shovel and be quick to throw some last shovel full of dirt and throw it on the grave

The only people throwing dirt on Cannondale's grave is their own management.

Just shows that even a great product can't save a terrible business plan (or no business plan, same thing).

I may be a bit of a pessimist but I don't see any future for the motorsports division. Most of the debt relates to that, and the most logical course of action for them seems to be go private (probably with Pegasus owning the assets, whether traditional Cannondale ownership remains in any capacity or if Pegasus brings in another party to operate the company) and keep making the bicycles to generate some cash, and divest the motorsports division (which is what bankrupted them to begin with).

The problem is, who is going to want to buy the motorsports division? Almost no market share and lots of potential liability (warranty and recall in nature).

I know it sucks to hear this if you own a Cannondale, but I'm glad I do not. I'm sure they are great bikes but their resale is going to go from bad to worse and parts will probably be hard to come by.

Having said all that I certainly hope I'm wrong. There may well be a buyer out there that is interested in all that technology Cannondale has developed and put together. But I just don't see that happening.

But like I said, I hope I'm wrong.

Man I sure hope Dale pulls through. They have done someting amazing in the last few years.

They in fact did build and full line of competitive bikes and THE hottest quads right out of the box.

The bikes are not only trick, they are state of the art! I cant belive anyone would says that fuel injection "isnt there yet" What boneer! Just look at all the post on how to jet your bike, spread sheets with elevation and temp factors,, come on! Fuel injection should have been on bikes a long time ago and its time now! I saw the Dales at my dealer and they are sharp, I started looking at the bike and yeah, it looks different, but being a techy, the more I looked at it the more it made sense! I wish I had the scratch to buy one but when I was buying a new "used" bike I didnt. If I had the $6500 to drop on a new WR I would have given the Dale a very serious look.

Cannondale makes very cutting edge products that apply more common sense tech than pie in the sky ideas. I just bought a Cannondale Raven SuperV carbon full suspension Mountain bike and its awesome! Cannondales single lock out suspension is simple and brilliant and so is the Lefty!

But back to bikes with motors :), I think Dale did the right thing with the bikes and quads but the market took a bad turn, If Dale had the bugs worked out on this stuff even 3 years earlier when dealers could not build bikes out of the crate as fast as they were selling them, Dale would have had a much better foot hold.

I think and hope they can work it out and I can get my hands on one some day.

I also cant belive that no one picked up on the Bimota oiless direct injection two stroke motor idea????? I mean, they had it working,,, no oil in the fuel, no smoke and more efficent than a 4 stroke and much lighter,,, Hmmm.

WR Jason

You're absolutely right! Except I can't say anything about the Bimota since I don't know anything about it.

My dale is awesome! And I'm not asking anyone to believe me. I have ridden XRs, EXCs, CRs and WRs and the Dale suits me the best. I don't have to prove it to anyone. I let the bike the do that! All of my friends who have ridden my Cannondale come away really impressed. The bike is stable at speed even at Glamis and without a paddle. Speaking of Glamis and sand the bike never got hot or missed a beat.

I'll keep my overweight, slow, ugly POS (as some may think) until the tires fall off.

Hell what other dirt bike can be tuned to go from race moto to woods rider with nothing more than a laptop, in less than 3 minutes?

I don't know for sure if Cannondale will be back but I am willing to bet they will. I am also willing to that the Japanese bike companies are watching this unfold with a microscope and would love to put the technology that Cannondale has into their bikes in the future.

Just my .02


You are jumping the gun a bit on your WR450 statement there dude....Now if you are refering to the problems with the YZ450's then you are right on the money....Hopefully the R&D morons had time to make adjustments(Hell, they had several months) and get their collective $hit together. If the WR's come out with the same clutch and oil galley problems then this will be the biggest roll out disaster Yamaha has ever seen.... I spend way to many hours at race tracks and HSand Enduro's to know already the impact. I have already counted atleast 20 of my friends who raced Yamaha 426's last year are racing new Honda 450's this year....and for the most part winning more motos and are happy. If what I'm seeing is an indication of what's happening all over the country, Yamaha will soon loose much of the 4 stroke market share they now hold.

As for Cannondale, They made the mess they are in all by themselves. They took a big risk and spent way too much money trying to become the top dog overnight.....Too much money spent on R&D that had to be passed directly onto the consumer which meant stupid prices. Then, even before getting their bike production settled and running profitable...they jump into the ATV areana where they had absolutely no business at all. Couple all of that with market conditions for the past year, very nervous investors, and failure to meet expectations, has driven the stock price of the company downward. Investors don't make money....they leave, and take their money elsewhere. Cannondale better back track very quickly. If they don't they will be fighting K-mart for the good bankruptcy firms.

Same thing goes for Yamaha, Lost sales = Lost profits = Lost Investors .......

What in the Hell is Yamaha thinking....Just today I heard of two more 450 clutch issues where Yamaha told the owners, sorry we don't stand behing our product...your on your own.

Go Figure....

Bonzai :)

YAMAKAZE - It was all in jest. Well except the skid plate and handguards. :D

If only we could combine Yamaha's assets with Cannondales vision and custmer service then I think the world would be a better place. :D

It's all cool. I can't wait to try my buds WR. I'll wait until he breaks it in before I touch it though. :)

"I also cant belive that no one picked up on the Bimota oiless direct injection two stroke motor idea????? I mean, they had it working,,, no oil in the fuel, no smoke and more efficent than a 4 stroke and much lighter,,, Hmmm."

The reason nobody bought that technology and developed it further is because it didn't work and caused Bimota to fold. At 348 lbs. for the track version, it's pretty heavy for a 500cc, 2 stroke. The GSXR1000 isn't all that much heavier in street trim and would eat that thing for lunch.

Bimota V-due Article from Cycle World

are you the guy that got stiffed on the 5,900 price?

no i was there buying part's i was just curios as to what they were selling them for.I'm not sure i want one i want something lighter and as easy as the crf and new yz's start i don't want the extra weight and i'd just take the light's off first thing anyway.I've rode several 03 crf's now if i could get a ride on a new yz i could make my mind up.

As for cannondale i don't see to many of the bike's around here but the quad classe's are loaded with them and they were kickin *ss.I hope they rebound though i hate to see any American company fail.

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