07 WR 450 won't start

Hey guys, I can't seem to find anything about starting problems in the search so I'll ask here. I haven't ridden or started my WR 450 in a couple of months. So today is nice and I go out to ride it a little but it won't start. I turned on the gas (plenty in the tank), pulled the choke and hit the starter. Turns over real good but it won't hit a lick. I tried kicking it a while too when the battery started to get weak. Now it's on the charger till I figure out what's wrong. No point in cranking when nothing has changed. You guys got any ideas that I could try? The gas isn't very old. My lawn mower sits all winter and starts right up in the spring if I keep the battery charged. I know I'm doing something wrong.


Just maybe its worth checking the float bowl for dirt and any other nasty stuff. Also check to see if the spark plug is firing has it maybe fouled up with fuel now. hopefully this will get you up and running.

Turn on the gas and tip the bike on it's side until fuel comes out the overflow tube for the carb bowl.

Good luck:ride:

Agree with tipping the bike over dont have to lay it down but just tip it till gas runs out then start it. The dealer did this when i went to get mine it would'nt start but tipped it and it fired right up

OK, I tipped it a little and shock it some and I got a few snaps out of the pipe. I'll wait till the morning and I'll tip it till gas comes out.


Drain the old gas out of it, put fresh gas in it and then tip. Its probably been sitting longer than you think. Fresh gas makes a big difference.

Hey, tipped it over and got some gas out. Still snapped a few times. I noticed the gas that came out on the floor had what looked like water spots in the film so I took it outside and tipped it till a few shots of gas came out and it started right up. I think there was water in the float bowl. Thanks guys, you saved me some real headaches.


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