2001 wr426 suspension settings

hello my friends, i need your help i got a 2001 wr426 and im wondering if its okay to lower it alittle in the front by the clamps and also lowering the rear. the bike is alittle bit too high for me. will this mess up the handling or will it help.

Lowering the front might increase turn-in a little bit but won't lower the bike much. You might try slavensracing or other places that do lowering kits. Maybe you could try shaving the seat foam a little bit?

I run my WR with the forks raised as high inthe clamps as I can...not to lower the bike (you won't really notice it), but to help with cornering. In the back, set the sag to 95-100mm. Much more than that and the front end kicks out as the back end drops, and cornerign really suffers. As YZ250 BM suggests, you can try shaving an inch or so out of the seat foam and slot the subframe attach lugs to get another half inch or so (but be ready to hit the rear tire on the fender). I'm pretty darn short (5'7") and have learned, sort of, to always stop where I have a rock, berm, mound or something to put my left foot down on...otherwise, as often as not I will fall over like Artie Johnson on Laugh-In when I have to stop. Dabbing in really technical rock gardens and such is fun as well...

thanks for the help you guys. ill raise the forks alittle and lower the rear just a tiny bit. take care

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