black Rad fins ?

hey guys i no that KTM comes stock with black rad fins but im wondering if they make them for yamaha?

Never seen them but Friends of mine have made stickers that pretty much cover them.

hey guys i no that KTM comes stock with black rad fins but im wondering if they make them for yamaha?

You could do what I do...wrap them with black nylon panty hose. Seriously, that way mud won't stick.

I have never seen any black ones. You could try spray paint I guess.

not sure what youre talking about. do you mean the shroud thats part of the plastics that mount to the tank and radiator? or the plastic rock guards that mount to the radiators to protect from debris? or the radiator body itself?

I think Krylon makes some decent plastic paint. I'd do that, but be sure to clean them really good first.

Krylon does make exilent paint. they call it fuze or something. they say it actualy fuzes into the plastic if you prepare it right and wait the recominded time.

ok so it is the plastic shroud. i would say the cheap and easy way would be some krylon fusion. seems the most durable but most work is the dye.

check out thestickie at the top of the yz250 forum theres one one dying your tank minght work on the rad fins too.

Personally I would use the krylon fuse paint. Cheap and effective, plus if they ever started looking bad it would only take ten more minutes to refresh them with another coat.

Krylon Fusion. I painted mine and they look pretty dope. Dont dye them, I tried to dye mine red and it didnt work. The plastic was not porous enough. Clean em, sand em w/ 400grit and paint em black. I've had mine mounted up for 2 years with monster radiator stickers and they dont have a chip in em.

Check out they make replacement radiator fins/braces in multi-colors. They are made out of aluminum and work, and look great.

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