ims or clark

my first ride was on a yz426, & absolutely loved it, went out the next week & bought a wr 426 I had no problem W/ the yz, but now the wr front is washing out on me, I brought forks up about 1/4 inch, this helped, some suggested to buy yz tank & seat kit, so I can get up on tank, I'm 6'0 tall, love the bike just got to get thru the bugs. which tank seat combo or nothing at all. maybe my lack time behind the seat.


Go to and buy the IMS YZ/Tank seat combo. You won't regret it.


I had the IMS Ty davis model but it was impossible to access the carb or even the choke, that is a total race tank. I switched to the IMS model and like it much better. It holds about the same 3.2 gal. but I have not ever put three gal in it yet, Havn't needed to.

I'll sell you my Ty davis model.

I have a Clark stock YZ tank on my '00 and the fit and quality were very good, and the plastic seems thicker where the YZ tanks crack from seat bouncing. Mike

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