CA street legal 2001 YZ250

I know this is tecnically the wrong forum for this post but I thought it would be interesting to the 426 riders that have tried to get CA plates. This story shows how one little mistake by the CHP can result in a bone stock, 2001 YZ 250, 2-stroke without any lights being given street plates by the DMV.

Ok, first a little background. About 8 months ago my friend purchased a 2001 YZ 250 on Ebay from a guy in Texas. The bike arrived in great shape but with no title. My friend didn't realize that the paperwork was missing until about two months ago when one of the law enforcment officials at Carnegie cited him for having a non-registered bike. My friend tried to get a hold of the seller in Texas to give him the title but could not locate him. He had to generate a title for the bike so he could clear the ticket and ride legally. What he decided to do was lien sale the bike. This is the process where if someone leaves a vehicle on your property without paying you can get title to the vehicle. This method is used by tow yards alot for people that can't pay the tow and storage fees. So anyway we hire a company to do the lien sale and since the bike has no history here in C.A. there is no one to contest the lien, but it also means the bike must be inspected by CHP prior to the title being issued. He took the bike to CHP and on the "Emissions" part of the inspection the officer checked "This vehicle meets CA and US requirements" instead of writing in that this is an off-road vehicle. After about a month of time my friend walked into the DMV with the lien sale paperwork and CHP inspection and walked out with street plates. He's now looking for a light kit for the bike. Funny story on how even the experts at CHP can make a mistake.

The dmv may be biggest group of dumb asses in the world. if you want a plate, make friends with a service guy at a dealer ship and have him stamp your plate paper work. i did it for my dads husky 410. i use to work at fun bike in SAn diego. some times the dmv will find out that a bike should not be street legal but more or so messed up they have no clue

This is technically not a mistake. California has always allowed used vehicles purchased out of state to get plates. The law is written to cover used automobiles brought into CA by new residents from other states but there is no specific restrictions on motorcycles. Even if the vehicle does not meet smog requirements and the motorcycle has over 7500 miles on the odometer you can get plates.

Back in `98 the WR400 went on sale everywhere except in CA because of the new emmission requirements. I bought a WR in AZ a good friend registered the bike in his name and got it steet plated for dual sport use. Real easy in AZ. After one year the bike was sold to me and I applied for CA plates. After some inspection bull and a non resetable odometer was installed I got CA plates for my "street bike". No dual registration crap. The DMV sent renewal notice every year. I sold the bike a few months ago and the new owner Jerry Z applied for new title and registration. Since Jerry hasn't called back angry about anything I think the DMV did OK.

The YZ has meet all legal requirements for CA registration as a used out of state street bike, providing it meets CHP form 888 requriements for street lighting.

The bike is an attention getter and you will be pulled over by the law. But any tickets issued will be overturned in court by any judge that is familiar with the CA vehicle code.

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