newbie ignorance

Hey fellow WR450 owners, my first posting ever in a discussion forum was about my starter chaos on my new bike. Don't know or understand all the rules, but I'll figure it out!! The starter problem is real. Bike worked perfect till I let a friend ride it. He stopped, went to start it and the starter would not engage. When every conceivable thing was tried to get it started, I new it was not something simple! It sits at the dealer waiting for a new flywheel nut and woodruff key. So hey, is there a flaw in the starting mechanism that won't take the kick-back if you happen to have the throttle cracked a little when you start it? Or did I just get the bike the production worker forgot to torque the flywheel nut? Time will tell, but just trying to see if anyone else has experienced a similar problem! I had 96 awesome miles on it b-4 it broke....can't wait for it to be fixed. Hope this was just a fluke. Still had throttle stop in, but its coming out as soon as I get it back.

Roons (if that is your real name, just kidding),

There have been some posts recently that have sparked much, much discussion about issues that were or seen as unsubstantiated so since many had there feathers ruffled over that incident, it seams that everyone is a little on the skeptical side. Since many of us are still waiting for this perfect Blue ride we are getting a little edgy due to a later release than expected, it is only natural for a group of such dedicated Blue junkies to not welcome such bizarre circumstances from our soon to be perfect bikes (once we get them, argghhh). :)

As a newbie myself, I welcome you,… that is if you do exist, no disrespect meant. You will find a vast wealth of info and quite a few laughs too. :D:D

Sounds like bad luck. How many ft lbs of torque on the flywheel nut does your manual call for? What dealership is your bike at? I would like to hear what the service manager has to say about your bike, because I would like to prevent this from happening to my 450 that I'll be picking up Sat morn.Thanks.

Never mind about that Newbie status, I meant, I have been around for awhile and..... :D:)

I thought I would never shake that Newbie status! No wonder you guys post so much, this feels just plain old good.


First of all let me appologise if i sounded harsh, second let me welcome you to TT, we have had some problems with people registering different names to stir the pot as such, your profile indicated that you may have been another one,

it sure sounds like the manufacturers may have left your crankshaft nut loose or something, please let us know what the verdict is, thanks,

roons aka newbie,

Is there any way to remove the electric start and use the kick start? With the auto-decompression on my YZ there is no start routine and my bike starts with ease on the first kick, hot or cold. Just a thought.


wr's come with a button and a kicker. sweeeeeeet

Yup, they sure do. So if the electric start goes out you can still use the kickstarter.

roons, WELCOME to the forum!!! As for your problem, I would definately take it back to the dealer and have them fix it. No sense in scratching your head over this..................db

P.S. Boy do I love my 02' WR 426F. j/k

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