03 engine 06 frame

Just wondering, while I was searching for some parts for my 2003 yz450f I came across an 06 yz450f frame. It is a bare frame with nothing on it. The rest of the pieces are there tank sub frame ect. Would putting the 03 engine in the 06 frame be as simple as bolting it in or would it be a frankinstien operation with bunch of fab work. I'm not scared to do a few mods but dont want to get into changing every mount ect. I also asume it would need the 06 exhaust and plastic as well. I can get the frame fairly cheap is it worth the trouble?

The 06 was a completely different bike than the previous years. The biggest difference that I see is the 03 carries oil in the frame while the the 06 has an external oil tank.

Yeah I was kinda thinkin I should stick with what I have.

The romp 'em stomp 'em nature of the '03 motor in the modern frame with a 4 speed sound slike a lot of fun if it was do-able. Alas, i have no idea how hard the swap would be

I'm sure if I wanted to spend the time, money and trips to the welding shop anything is possible. I have heard of lots and know a guy who has put cr500 engine in the crf aluminium frames

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