Apologies from a dealer? WR450

"Dear Alabamy, I know I agreed to sell you the first WR450F for $5,950 back in December. You thought you were getting a deal. I know you thought it was a contract and all, but that was before I knew how popular the WR450 would be... :D You see this guy came in here in January and offered list price for the first WR450. You know I had to take that sale. It was a business decision. I thought the thing about the "production hold" would hold you off till March. I had no idea you would get on Thumper Talk and learn so much about other people getting their bikes. I was most surprised when you showed up at the dealership the same day we were loading the WR450 on the other guys truck. Oh what a surprise that was! ... Well if you will wait till March, I will honor the price I gave you in December"...... :) Yes, well thats what my ex-Yamaha dealer should have said if he had any balls. I guess you all know how I FEEL.....

That guy deserves to pay, and dearly, another poor salesman :)


I would take your dealer for all that you can on the OTD price and additional freebies. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!


Dealers like that are hurting themselves. One local dealer did so much damage for so long when he sold it the new owner hurt from the reputation. Other shops were telling customers the new owner was really decent. It took a while, but the new owner did okay. Its a nice shop now and they are good to the customers.

Bama, sorry to hear that but that is what it sounded like. Anyhow, half of me says this apology sounds a little hokie. But good luck to you anyhow.

blackie, I am not sure what to do from here? I spent all day on the phone and found a 450 for $6284, about 4 hours from home. Then I would have an issue with service.. The other local dealer has a 450 which has a deposit on it, but hasn't been picked up. That dealer never deals on price. Always list. What a beautiful bike, excell wheels, pushbutton on center of handlebars. It looked so light like it would fly. I found a WR250 for $5299, available now. Do you think the WR250F would be as good in the tight woods?

Hey A.R. If you have any thoughts on buy one in March from this guy, have him write up a sales contract and leave a small deposit. I think I would buy elsewhere though, just because I could help but wonder if the shaft would come again, when the next one arrived. I think it will be hard to get a "deal" on a WR 450 for a while yet.

BTW,you know I ride enduros and the WR 450 can't be any faster than the 250 in the real tight woods. I would let you riding style and size be your guide. I know two people that have bought YZ 450s and sold them after only one hare scramble because they were not as easy to ride in the tight stuff as their 250s were.

WR250fla, I see you had an 02 WR250F, but are going to the 450F? Did you feel the 250F didn't have enough power. I was thinking the 250 would save a bunch on weight, but that 450 looked so light. Your gonna love it. I would like to hear from you as soon as you test ride it in the tight stuff.. Yours should be at your dealer as they arrived all over the Southeast today.

If you are over 190 lbs the 450 is the way to go. In theory the 250 would be better in the tight stuff due to lighter wieght, less crank/flywheel effect and the 125 like chassis. I am 230 and I could do well on the 250, but will have more fun on the 450. I would stay away from the YZ-450 as it will be lousy in the tight stuff due to the tall first gear. The YZ 250 may be better in the tight stuff than the WR 250 for an agressive rider. It is lighter and the close ratio tranny helps the lower HP of the 250 engine. Just my observation. ----Mike

I'm picking up my 450 tomorrow(Sat.). I have been very happy with my 250 and have no good reasons for going to the 450. I just started racing FTR hare scrambles also and think the 450 might get better starts. I ride sen. C and there are about 45 guys on my line. My 250 gets to the first corner in the top twenty and I'm hoping to get to the top 10.I pass a lot of bikes that first lap and on the 450 I hope I'm not the one getting passed in the tight stuff. I won't be able to do any real riding till the first of the week, but I'll let you know what I think.


Regarding WR450 pricing. The same attitude was present when I bought my YZ450 four months ago. Everyone was on a waiting list, and deposits were made by those who felt that the deposit would hold a bike. I walked into the dealer, offered to load a YZ450 in the back of my truck "now". They said OK, quickly forgot those who left their deposits and away I went. Now, there are YZ450s just sitting at the dealer waiting to be sold. The same will be true of the WR in a few months. Be patient, your day will come for negotiation. A lot will change in the next two months... wait it out.


I couldn't agree more. i just spent a month trying to negotiate two YZ450's and two WR450's. I thought that'd get me some pull on price. No way, I could score a deal on two YZ's alone but no one of the 12 dealers I called would budge on the WR even if buying four bikes. So I dumped the two WR's and left my buddies to find their own deal on those and I got a deal on two YZ for me and the bro. The UZ's were scare two months ago no everyone has them! Really how much riding you gonna do in Feruary anyway? is that much ridin worth the premium price? BTW, I get my YZ450 tomorrow...the wait is killing me!

WR250fla, You are the perfect person to compare the 2 bikes. I hope I can wait till I get a ride report from you. I ride the same class as you except I do Enduro's and not Hare Scrambles. Don't like the HS starts. Did you ever take your 250 to Maplesville? Is so, how did it do there?

I can't wait to get your first ride report! My buddy is laughing at me telling me if I had bought the VOR450EN I wouldn't be having these problems. There is a guy here that absolutely flys through thick woods on that bike.

Nice. Have you ever been the one that benefitted from being moved up on a list? I have once. I remember being happy to get my bike, but this feeling of mistrust to the dealer was created instantly.

making a list and not using it is a bad deal for the guy trying to run a business.

Two lucky people will be bumped up the list at my dealer because I found two, unsold WR450's somewhat close to home. My bro-in-law is on the list after me but we just don't feel like waiting until March (thanks to our dealer) for our bikes. We'd rather drive a few hours to pick them up. Name and Shame next week... :)

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