Might be able to get an extra bike

I have to take my brother to a bike shop next Saturday to see about a bike. I guess it's a few hours away from me but I have a trailer to haul a bike. :) He's working with this dealer about buying a Government Auction bike. From what I know so far a dealer can bid on a few bikes seized from drug dealers, etc. He's got a line on a 2001 Kawasaki KX250 with a missing exhaust. I guess that's where they hid drugs. The bike is brand new and never been run. My brother told me he can get it for $300 then go buy a new exhaust. They may possibly still have a 2000 or 2001 YZ250 2-smoke that has a blown piston for $350. He said no titles. I'm wondering if I can get a reconstructed title and maybe pick up a beater bike. What do you think? Anybody ever done this?

Is there a problem riding it if you do not get a title? I do not mean that sarcastically, but for 300 bucks to get a late model KX250, why bother, just ride it.

I did not get a title on my KX, and it has posed no problem. I figure to sell it someday same as I bought it. Thought at those auctions you got some sort of salvage title or at least some sort of legal disposal record.

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