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Needle clip position

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I installed a Hindle full exhaust system

on my YZF 1000R (Thunderace to those of you across the pond). Yes, I know that I removed the EXUP valve in the stock exhaust which boosts low to midrange power. However, I was having ground clearance problems with the stock exhaust and it was extremely heavy. After touching my Micron slip-on with the stock header on the road a few times in high speed turns, I figured that some loss of midrange was worth gaining ground clearance, safety and the weight loss.

Anyway, I installed a FACTORY jet kit. I believe that the mains are very close. I lost the jetting directions, but I seem to remember that to test the needle clip position, I need to try full throttle acceleration in top gear from 2000 rpms on a flat surface. The bike should

accelerate smoothly. When I do this, the bike does not pop, hesitate, stutter or accelerate. It just kind of slowly gains rpms until it reaches about 5000 where it accelerates smoothly then screams on top. The air screws are also close but slightly lean. It pops slightly on high rpm deceleration.

Should I lean (raise) the needle clip position to correct the low-mid sluggishness? I know that I do need to richen the air screws slightly. This is a basic question, but I'm having brain fade and I don't enjoy removing the tank and airbox more often than I absolutely have to. I also don't enjoy experimenting with the carburetion. I've always been told that CARBURETOR is a French word that means "Don't F**K with it!" I do not have FACTORY's telephone number or web address.

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