Jetting question for a 06 yz450 with fmf

Just want to know what everyone is running on an 06 yz450 with FMF megabomb header and ti powercore.

Im in socal.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I searched but did not find anything pertaining to my particular problem.

Is there a problem? What symptoms do you have? Does the bike run? Your gonna have to meet us halfway on this one.

Yeah sometimes their is just a noticeable hesitation at first crack of the throttle. The bike runs well otherwise, i don't have backfire on decel anymore but its just a hesitation that effects the bottom end. In fact i rode a CRF 250 and was clearing a double out of a turn easier than on my 450 and im a 195 pounds!

Play with your fuel screw to take care of the hesitation off the bottom. Lack of power is often due to too rich of jetting. You can try leaning the main and see if it gets too lean.

Thanks for the input

If it's still bugging you, and you're will to spend the money, I hear Zip Ty Racing does amazing work to these carbs. Mine is currently being shipped back to me from them and I can't wait to try it out. Although I never really have bog issues unless my jetting is off.

Let me know how your turns out

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