Looking for MOREDESERT

Any of you BRP riders heard from MOREDESERT? I bought a KTM and now he won't come play with me!!! Nevermind he's probably just out sufing the porno sites! Anyone want to ride the pinenuts? :)

I'm sure he's out looking for Fish Taco's. He just mentioned couple weeks ago he wanted to get ahold of you & go riding.


When it warms up I'll be there. Heading to Baja Thursday for another tour. Want to go? We really need to hook up soon. I was talking to MEBB about heading up there in Feb. Just remember we have to hual the RV's over the summit so the snow kinda sucks.

How's the new job?

I'd love to go, but the $$ aren't there. I will go sometime this year, even if I have to finance the trip. I'll probably use one of there 650s since it's the weapon of choice in baja. I'm ready for a local or close weekend ride whenever you are, two or three days would be good. I'm off sat/sun these days, and the schedule is pretty flexible, so I should be able to ride more often. John is chomping at the bit too. :)

Great, We will ride soon! By the way CISCO is looking for someone to desert ride with so I told him to get a hold of you. He lives in Forest Hill. Next month we should all hook up and do some exploring in Carson City. We can put out a TT alert and have us a big ride. Remember the Mystrey 250 is coming up in June. I'm in for that.

Id love to ride with ya! Ive been talking with MOREDESERT and hes been promising me a desert ride..and pawned me off on you :)

Ill email you Keith!

Oh ya... Im in on the Mystery 250, as well as Fryboy. It looks like a blast!


Where are you headed in Baja? I'm going down with a group of friend thurs. also. We are leaving from Hacienda Santa Veronica fri. morn. for San Felipe. Sat going to Mike's and sun. back to Santa Veronica. Maybe we'll see you there. Look for a BRP with green (they didn't have red) saddle bags.


Dudes, Post any group rides that are in the SoCal, NV area. I finally got my toy-hauler and truck wired up and need an excuse to get out. Been kind of piddlin on myself her in Vegas and haven't been riding. Partly because I was tagged to deploy to SWA but recently been let off the hook. Time to ride! :)

I'll be doing a tour with Trailboss this trip. We start at Rancho Tecate and head to Mike's. I'll keep an eye out for ya.


When I get this ride out of the way I'll be looking forward to riding with you. I know Keith is chomping at the bit to ride with someone. He was out for a while with a broken arm.

Broken everything! I think it would be kick ass to put on a ride up here! It would be dry camping either in Washoe or out towards Johnson lane. I'll need some guys familiar with the area to help as guides, my sense of direction sucks. I'll post and see who's interested. How do I post on all forums?

Hey Keith,

Was the drive time from vegas?

It's about 400 miles, once outside of Beatty(ticket town) you can run 100mph. So six hours is pretty easy, if the gas holds out.

Anyone want to help organize a Carson City or Reno ride? I've heard the moon rocks are fun. :)

I need to get an entry for the Mystery 250, who do I call? It's my anniversary, but...

Anyone want to help organize a Carson City or Reno ride?

Im organizing the West Coast Thumper Talk ride and putting on my own Dual Sport from Foresthill to Tahoe...so Im BUSY but if you organize a TT ride for Carson Ill be there! Keith Ill email you, but Im thinking of riding with you on Feb 8, Saturday if your free.

I think that day is free, but I'll have to check. Maybe I'll just plan on riding the TT west coast and the Mystery 250? I'm not sure if I want to open a can of worms and be responsible for a ride. Maybe just a few guys( girls too) getting together for a weekend, no big plans. Just pre run the area a week before.

It looks like Cisco, Pmaust, myself. Fryboy? Stu? anyone else? Feb8th-9th. I'm not in charge! :) Maybe someone local to keep from getting lost!

Maybe someone local to keep from getting lost!

Oh Keith.. your getting me worried....maybe I should buy that 4 gallon tank THIS week just incase! :-)

It's not that bad, just don't want us to have a lame ride. :)

Mike, Did you make it back safely from Baja? :)


Why don't you run John's loop? The last time I was out there I spray painted the loop so I could find it at night. It's about 50 miles. Camping at Johnson lane is best, Washoe is good to but the riding sucks up there if you remember. This was you don't have to cross highway 50 and we can all camp together.

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