Looking for MOREDESERT

Cisco wanted to do a dual sport ride in April in Death Valley. I'm up for that.

Keith can you get a plate on your KTM?

Baja was fun we had a great trip with 16 riders. We did some new single track up in the pine forest. I saw Tim Morton from Baja Bound out there with a group. Hi Tim.

I guess if all else fails, I can go the legal route! As of now, I'm trying to convince DMV it's a dual sport, due to the fact that it doesn't say for off road use on the MSO. I'll go to death valley for sure, even if I have to use a the plate off of my Harley.

<This was you don't have to cross highway 50 and we can all camp together.>

Does this mean you're going with us?

I'm talking to my wife about it. How cold is it at night in Carson City? If I went I would camp down Johnson Lane.

When I get the entry form for the Nevada Mystery 250 I'll let eveyone know. That is a must ride, two day 250 miles. The cost last year was $150 which includes hotel and food. There is a 125 rider limit and it fills up fast so start saving some money.

How cold is it at night in Carson City?

Mike I looked at that when deciding whether to camp this weekend, and the temps at night are in the 20's. I am just doing a Saturday ride, have housework to do Sunday anyhow.

It gets chilly at night here, but I assume you'll be camping in a trailer?! The temps have been colder than normal last week, but they don't last. If anyone doesn't have a camper, I have room in mine. No snoring please!

Mike, now that the Mystery 250 date is not my anniversary, I'll be going. I'll need a ticket, do I qualify to be invited, now that I've gone once before? Hell, they sould let us ride free since we finished first on Sunday!

Well the boss (My Wife) has plans for me this week end so I'll have to pass but maybe in a week or two I can make it. Maybe Cisco will have a blast and want to go back in a couple of weeks. It would be nice to finaly meet him.


I saw Tim Morton in Baja and he said someone was looking for a large group of riders in the pine forest. Was that you?


We'll catch you next time Mike. Do you have a basic map of John's loop? He might not be able to ride as he's having knee trouble. I'm going to program my GPS as we go this time, but I don't want to get us lost. I'll do the Terra-server tonite. How about a lat/long reading at the beginning or the loop?

It wasn't me, but it might have been 2 guys in our group that got split off from the rest of us. They never showed at Ramona's so we went back to Santa Veronica to find them. It turns out they went to Ojos Negros and then down to San Felipe. The bums were at the Miramar eating fish tacos and drinking beer while we were looking for them in the forest. We met up with them at Mike's on saturday. Both had GPS, but neither had Ramona's saved as a waypoint. They missed the turn for the buffalo road and ended up in Ojos. Riding with a big group can be fun, but it can be a lot of work too.


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