Aoss Better Than Sss!

Bought a pair of SSS forks and called it a day with the aoss forks..

Good move, let us know what you think

Yamaha 2005 yz450f with 48 springs and 5,8 rear equipped with Yz 250f 2006 fork and shock.

The difference is huge!

2 clicks on the rebound would make a bigger difference than I have ever experienced with any suspension!

The 2006 suspenion is soft initially but can still take the hard bottoming really well! The suspension transformed the steel YZ 450f and to me it now has a fantastic feeling opposed to the slightly heavy and long and old feeling of earlier!

My conclusion, the Aoss can be a good soft fork or a supercross stiff fork but the SSS works in a much wider range with a much improved smoothness.

Best modification to a bike I ever did!

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