Buying new bike CRF450X OR WR450X

SS intakes make CRF450 motor bullet proof IMHO.

I would agree...:thumbsup:

My 06 WR had over 11k miles before I sold it with no valve adjustments....they are hard baja, D38 and Dual Sport miles.

Damn!!:smirk: 1200 hours on ONE bike? And you have three? :thumbsup:

One of these days I'll be able to ride as often as Cubera

I'm lucky I can ride right out of my garage:thumbsup: The bulk of hours on the 450X were when it was the only bike or the only bike I would ride. I had an XR400 but would always ride the 450X. In fact, I only rode the XR400 once after I got the 450X. I then got an '02 YZ250 basket case for a project bike. It was a cheaper and easier project than I expected. Very fun bike but is for sale now because I got a new '07 450R deal of a lifetime. I've been spending most of my time on the 450R the last few weeks. Very fun and very fast! I geared it up a little, put an 18" rear wheel and skid plate on it. Otherwise bone stock and it's great fun to ride. The 450X has been all gone through and once I get all the parts together for the clutch and stator it'll be good to go again. I can't wait to get back on the old girl.

Ktm 450 Exc

only if the girl on reception at your KTM dealer is a hottie...:thumbsup:

only if the girl on reception at your KTM dealer is a hottie...:thumbsup:

She'd have to be the hottest chick known to man for my money. WR all the way for me. I'm on my second and wouldn't hesitate to go a third when the time comes to update again.

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